VIDEO: Trouble in the city – Granny releases song scaring those who chewed her

Anyone who was born or lives in Uganda should indeed feel blessed because indeed we are especially because of our fellows.

One day we are talking about this scandal and even before we are done with it yet another comes by and swings our minds away .

Well a certain granny, a woman has hit studio and released a song and it seems to be detailing those who chewed her.

She mentions some famous names especially TikTokers and media personalities. Among these is Beat FM’s Mukunja, TikToker CB among others.

This Jajja seems to draw her inspiration from another TikToker Mackline Juliet Nakalema more known as Macmeow3.

This Kadama a few weeks ago had social media and TikTokers scared after she confessed that she has HIV and several men chewed her tubeless.

Well this Jajja on this other hand also says that the only thing she remained to do is to ‘kwetega’ and the Bazzukulu come to ‘kutegulula’ her.

And with Jajja Ichuli also releasing a song recently, things are just getting out of hand.

We might definitely need a third president in the country to assist the existing two.

What do you think?

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