VIDEO: Watch upcoming female singer crying for Bruno K’s love

Man some people are just blessed and have luck. Where others are crying and looking for some leg, others get it free of charge.

This is the story of a certain babe and singer Bruno K. Even with all the negative publicity that has surrounded the singer in the past few weeks, women still want him so bad.

Apparently an audio that has leaked to the media has this babe crying out to the singer.

She says that she told him how she loves him so much. And she also added how it hurts her that he doesn’t reply back.

When she calls him, he doesn’t pick up and neither does he reply her WhatsApp messages as he leaves her on blue ticks.

She therefore wishes she could get some time and meet up with him then talk it out and see a way forward.

Well the singer seems to have learnt one or two things from the recent scandals about him and doesn’t just drown in women’s legs nowadays.

In a reply, the Faridah singer excused himself as he said that he’s always busy and it’s not ignoring her..

Besides they are all in the same business of singing and he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure because the repercussions are always bad.

Therefore he told her that he hopes she understands his point on why he doesn’t want to get romantically involved with her.

What do you think?

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