VIDEO: Why don’t you want to give transport money to women?- Barbie asks men

Barbie Kyagulanyi wife to politician and singer Bobi Wine has come out to wonder at the stinginess of men when it comes to sending transport money to women they want to chew.

Barbie said that she overheard someone’s conversation while passing by.

This man it seems is going to marry. However the family of his bride told him to send Shs 100,000 to facilitate his wife to be transported.

The man questioned how he can trust them with his 100k. Instead he told them to borrow and when they deliver his woman, he will refund their money.

Barbie then wondered why men don’t want to give transport money even to the women they are going to marry.

Hmm, sorry madam ghetto first lady, but times have changed. This is not a time of when the likes of you were so genuine.

Most of today’s women have a job in fleecing men’s money and transport money has been the victim.

These never show up after getting this ‘ka’ transport money. They chew it and either block you or stop picking up your calls.

So instead of making two losses of both the food and money, they rather use their money and get refunded after reaching or we both lose out.

What do you think?

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