VIDEO: Watch as slay queen struggles to peel an egg with long nails

Wow being a woman must be one of the hardest tasks ever on this planet and with especially the current generation.

Many women want to go with the current trends of enhancing their beauty despite such making their lives difficult.

Well a video of a slay queen on social media has left people in a different kind of mixed reactions.

This slay queen had long artificial nails. And she wanted to peel a boiled egg but the struggle she went through is untold.

One could probably move from Kampala to Mombasa and return on foot before she’s done removing the egg shell.

An exercise that is simply meant to take just a few seconds took forever for her.

She turned and rolled it over but was barely doing nothing all because of these plastic nails that are definitely not hers.

With such kind of nails we always wonder how these women clean their cats.

And yet you find them forcing their men to eat from their bowels, hmm and boy child has really seen days.

But why not keep life simple and keep your natural nails because they can actually make you look prettier when they are well groomed.

However everyone lives their lives and the choices they make are their own to shoulder.

What do you think?

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