VIDEO: Watch Bruno K’s baby mama on her knees apologizing to him

Bruno K’s baby mama Vanessa has sent an open apology to him and anyone that was offended by the statements she made and promised to be a better Person.

This came after she posted the DNA results of Bruno K and her child on social media when they came out.

Bruno K and Vanessa have a three years old son together although they said they were never in love with one another.

They both said they were just friends who decides to start enjoying themselves resulting in to a baby.

When time for looking after the baby came, Bruno K denied his responsbilties something that made Vanessa come out in the media.

According to Vanessa, she was wrong to reveal the DNA results to the public. She was just over excited about everything and that’s what happened.

She said she is better than that and age is going through ge better than just coming to the media to expose her baby daddy.

Here is the video;

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