VIDEO: Elderly woman Mama Kagoya faints after Swaibu dumps her in Ramadan

Hehe, isn’t love the most beautiful, sad depressing, stressing and best thing that can ever happen to anyone asides money of course.

Well love just as they say knows no boundaries and can haunt you regardless of your status.

This was evidenced by a one Mama Kagoya who almost fainted because her a lover a one Swaibu had dumped her.

She can be seen on the ground inside her kitchen crying uncontrollably like a young child.

It’s like someone had mercilessly beat her up but when a friend of hers asked the matter, she told her in a barely audible speech.

This friend who seems to know her troubles with the boyfriend assured her that everything is going to be fine.

She assured Mama Kagoya that her Swaibu loves her very much and can never leave her for anyone.

Swaibu was called and informed of this but he didn’t show up although he seemed to be around the scene.

Well Mama Kagoya after being assured that Swaibu Is still in love with her managed to get up and walk to the house.

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