VIDEO: Bruno K didn’t satisfy me in bed- Vanessa spills bitter secrets

Man, better start looking out and sieving the type of partners you sleep with because you wouldn’t want them spilling your bedroom secrets in any case of a disagreement.

Well Vanessa Atuhaire the baby mama to one of singer Bruno K’s kids has decided to unearth the singer’s bedminton games.

Vanessa during a phone call with a certain blogger decided to reveal what transpired between them.

She said that the singer didn’t satisfy her in bed. Besides he wasn’t even romantic at all.

She had wanted to sit on him and ride him but she realized that he had already come inside her.

Basically they danced themselves for 2-3 minutes and the Faridah singer kicked the bucket.

She then went to the bathroom to clean herself and when she returned he also went for a shower.

While he was there, she ordered for a safe boda and fled. He came out of the shower calling after her not to go but she was beyond disappointed and left.

It should be recalled that the two have been involved in a bitter row for the past few months over their child, Seth Kiggundu.

Vanessa came out in the news crying how the singer ballooned her and doesn’t give her any assistance from the time of antenatal to when the kid has made about 3 years.

Bruno who doubted the kid’s paternity however confirmed the child is his after a DNA test last week.

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