Is Kid Dee the real father of Grace Khan’s daughter? Here is the truth

There has been rumor making rounds on social media about singer Grace Khan and upcoming singer Kid Dee having a child together.

This is Grace Khan’s one year old daughter Granah.

Grace Khan got pregnant during Covid19 and she broke the internet when she revealed the possible father of her child.

She said fellow singer Prince Omar is the father of her daughter although he denied everything and even said he doesn’t know Grace Khan.

Omar said he only sees Grace Khan on television as an artiste and no connection between them. He didn’t stop at that he refused to even see his daughter physically.

Now that Grace Khan’s daughter is old, she doesn’t look anything like Prince Omar. She rather looks like upcoming star Kid Dee.

Jajja Ichuli the blogger has been all over social media telling Kid Dee to go and do the DNA of Grace Khan’s daughter because he might be the father.

Ichuli said he will be able to fund the process where necessary and Grace Khan too should come and reveal the exact father of her daughter.

“Kid Dee Kid dee nkuyise emirundi emeka oba bitufu oba bakuwayiliza nze sagala kumanya andabila ku kid dee nkubila ku simu nina okumutwala ku DNA by force,” Jajja Ichuli said

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