Video: Meet woman who wants to chew all the 3 B2C members and their manager

Well did you know that people can be there with some of the weirdest and dirtiest intentions.

This is the story of one lady who was smoked out by a Galaxy FM presenter.

The presenter asked this lady which Ugandan musician she feels like chewing.

Happily amd without hesitation, she mentioned the B2C trio.

Waiting for her to name at least one of the members, the vlogger asked if it’s all of them to which she replied that yes.

Apparently she wants to chew all the three singers, Mr Lee, Delivad Julio and Bobby Lash and also give them bonus of eating their manager.

This naughty girl was also asked if she prefers to be chewed by the beach or home.

She said home because nobody there knows and she can do all the freakish things she wants to do unlike at the beach.

Further she was asked whether she prefers being chewed at night or during day and she chose night because everyone is dead asleep and minding their own business.

What do you think?

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