VIDEO: Kapa Cat disses Karole Kasita

Musician Catherine Tumusiime aka Kapa Cat recently released a song titled Dansolo that is getting fair reviews and airplay.

In this song she goes ahead to praise some singers who she thinks are good in the dancehall genre.

She also goes ahead to diss others who she thinks don’t have work and she’s better than them.

During an interview on Galaxy FM, she was asked about where Mudra and Karole Kasita rank in her song since she didn’t mention them.

Well according to the Sikyo singer, she got puzzled and just left them out of the song.

This is because Mudra is currently doing Karole Kasita’s songs since he used to be the one writing music for her.

It’s the reason she feels the Yaka singer is now staggering in the industry and has no foothold.

Meanwhile Karole Kasita is one of the best dancehall singers of her generation.

She has however been pegged back a little recently because of maternity issues after she recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

What do you think?

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