VIDEO: Ibra Buwembo “Dancer” is inhot soup for abandoning child

Ibra Buwembo “Dancer” is in hot soup after he is accused f neglecting one of his children he sired with a lady known as Jowe.

Theae two welcomed their child in the year 2016.

“Jowe” apparently gave birth to Ryan Buwembo while she is was in jail and so her family got the child from the mom and started caring for her.

Trouble came when the relatives of the mom started looking for the dad for assistance but to no avail.

All phones are inaccessible, including Ibra Buwembo’s confidante, Sewanyana “Sewa Sewa”

Ibra Buwembo Dancer apparently asked for a DNA test which the relatives of the mom allowed but he has hidden from his responsibilities as a father.

This was contained in an audio that I have received.

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