VIDEO: Here is a lady accusing Balaam Barugahala for using and dumping her

Here is a struggling artiste known as Aidan Quin who is accusing Events promoter Balaam Barugahala for using and dumping her.

She said Balaam dated her through Facebook and after meeting, having fun he stopped talking to her.

She didn’t only talk about Balaam dating gee she said another city tycoon SK Mbuga also dated her.

But she didn’t talk about from where they met or even had a good time.

In Uganda especially in the music industry, ladies are often used to get to the top of their career.

Everywhere they meet men they are asked something in return and some are lied to even not helped in the long run.

This is what happened to this musician Aidan Quin.

All this was exposed by one blogger on social media and here is what he posted.

“Yino emboozi Y’omuyimbi Aidan Quin e’kaabya; avuddeyo Nanyumya emboozi era ngayevuma Promoter Balam n’omugagga Sk Mbuga okumukozzessa n’ebamusulawo oluvanyuma lw’okumusubizza ensi ne Ggulu..!

Era ayongedde okukatirizza nagamba mbu Balam yamukwaniira ku Facebook..!”

Here is the video:

What do you think?

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