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VIDEO, PHOTOS: Lynda Ddane juicy photos and videos released on social media

Media personality Lynda Ddane is in hot soup after some of her photos and videos were released on social media.

These photos and videos were released by unknown person on the internet and people are wondering what would be the motive.

Beautiful Lynda has been trending all over twitter for the past few hours although she hasn’t come out to address people about them.

Those that have seen them are praising her for being gifted by God in and out.

Lybda Ddane isn’t the first lady to be exposed on social media. Martha Kay faced the same but for her she was lucky that the person behind the photos was found and arrested.

For Lynda Ddane, she is still struggling to know the person still as well as social media fans

In Uganda releasing of such type of photos and videos has been so common.

Some people release them to get fane while others are just exposed by their ex boyfriends and lovers.

What do you think?

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