VIDEO: Jajja caught peeping at hot slay queen’s sumbie

You see, the saying goes that life is short and so you ought to enjoy it every bit you get.

Well this old man seems he derives his happiness from peeping at young hot queens.

He was seen at a swimming pool looking at a slay queen all salivating.

This old man left his friend in a seat and went to the swimming section.

It’s here that he saw this hot belle trying to jump into the swimming pool all looking sexciting.

She was putting on a very skimpy outfit and Mzee Jajja couldn’t help but stare in awe.

And after getting satisfied optically, he went back to his seat.

But damn, who ever saw him in his days, he might have been one hell of a hunter aftet the ladies.

And as they say that in such an age, there is a way such young souls comfort the old men, maybe he did feel satisfied inside his soul.

What do you think?

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