VIDEO: Daddy Andre exposes Nina Roz’s dirty secrets that failed their marriage

Singer Daddy Andre real name Ojambo Andrew has exposed ex wife Nina Roz’s dirty secrets that failed their marriage.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre got married in 2021 for just three Months after dating for a few months too.

Their marriage was a surprise and less expected because Daddy Andre always previously dating Angella Katatumba.

People wondered why the marriage stopped as soon as it had started. Nina Roz has been covering for Daddy Andre saying their marriage was good and they are getting back together.

In an interview with Rwandese media house, Daddy Andre revealed that Nina Roz wasn’t ready for marriage and she didn’t know what she wants.

Daddy Andre said Nina Roz was pretending and acting throughout their marriage.

“She picked a wrong man… She still has a lot to learn about love… Marriage was not something for her… I don’t know whether she was pretending or acting, I loved her…” – Daddy Andre spills the beans about his “marriage” with Nina Roz

Here is the video

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