VIDEO: Bebe Cool sings Goodlyf’s Zuena song for wife on her birthday

It was yet another day of love yesterday in the home of musician Big Size Bebe Cool.

This was as his wife Zuena Kirema celebrated her birthday.

And what a day it was for the Ssali’s after their fans under the Gagamel Phamily group surprised them with a visit as always.

Bebe Cool proceeded to perform the Goodlyf song ‘Zuena’ for his wife Zuena Kirema.

In his message to her, the Love You Everyday singer said that the older she grows, the younger and sweeter she turns out to be.

The Gagamel boss added that if Allah asked him for a wish, it would be to spend 100 more years with his wife.

“Knowing you for over 20 years makes me feel like we just met yesterday yet day by day as you grow, you become younger and sweeter.
If only Allah was to ask me for one thing in life, I would ask for more 100 years of life with you. Happiest birthday my beautiful wife,” wrote Bebe Cool.

Meanwhile Bebe Cool revealed that the couple will be holding a big ceremony to celebrate the 23 years marriage anniversary in September this year.

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