VIDEO: Ugandan woman gives birth to twins snakes

There is a video trending on social media of a Ugandan woman who has given birth to twins snakes.

This video has been all over twitter and people are freaked out wondering if it could be the truth or something behind it.

This woman is a Muganda coming from Mukono district. She narrated her story saying she got pregnant like any other woman.

But when it came to the time of giving birth, she was also surprised when she have birth to snakes of which she thought she was going to have normal children.

She refused to kill the snakes by keeping them and growing them because she takes them as children.

According to that lady, she has faces so much harassment from people who say they don’t want to be close to her because she gave birth to snakes.

She said even no man wants her because they all fear the snakes she is grooming saying they are her children she gave birth too.

This lady said she can’t give out the snakes because no one will understand what she feeds them. She is going to be with them until they are no more.

Here is the video;

What do you think?

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