VIDEO: Father duties! Bebe Cool adorably plaits daughters hair

Musician Bebe Cool is without a doubt one of the most loving and dotting fathers in the world and this is not even debatable.

The singer has 6 children although 5 from his official wife Zuena Kirema.

And he always loves spending quality time with them.

Well a video posted on his wife’s Instagram page shows the Byowaba singer preparing his youngest daughter Eman for school.

Bebe Cool who is seated in the back seat of his car can be seen organizing his daughter’s hair.

And it’s such a beautiful moment that social media users have come out to applaud.

Even Bebe Cool’s critics have always applauded his fatherhood skills.

The kids also without a doubt replicate the love given to them by the dad.

And no wonder his family is a happy one.

What do you think?

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