VIDEO: Winnie Nwagi takes swipe at baby daddy

It’s a well known factor that songstress Winnie Nwagi is a single mother of one.

She has an adorable daughter known as Destiny Mirembe.

Little is known about her baby daddy but all that is known is that he was abusive and disrespectful towards her before she turned famous.

And even after parting ways and her finding fame, this man has continued to duck away from his responsibilities.

The Swangz Avenue had no kind words for him.

She said that she has found some challenges in parenthood.

This is because she’s the mother and father of her kid.

Nwagi said that having to provide everything has been a bit hectic.

She however doesn’t complain because parenthood is not for the weak and this means that she’s strong.

The Malaika singer therefore faces life like a man and also God helps her out.

Asked where her baby daddy is, Nwagi said that she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know since he forfeited his responsibilities.

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