VIDEO: Barbie tells Bobi Wine how she only saw fish after coming to Kampala

There are lots of love stories in this world and the one of Barbie and Bobi Wine surely stands up there among some of the most inspirational ones.

And the couple has always opened up about how they met and have managed to stay together.

In a video posted online, Barbie appeared to tell her husband how she didn’t eat fish while growing up.

While at One Love Beach, Barbie served her husband and his friend, Sir Dan Magic food.

Bobi was given fish and fries while Dan Magic was given goats meat and fries.

Barbie then narrated to Bobi Wine her first day eating fish to which the singer and politician recalled that she never used to eat fish.

Barbie said that they only had one small lake called Nyabihoko and it’s where her mother always got the fish from.

However it was always eaten by the kids as the relatives didn’t eat fish.

This made Bobi Wine to question why most Banyankore and Batoro he grew up with don’t eat fish.

Bobi Wine also wondered whether the Acholi don’t eat fish since Dan Magic had asked for goats meat.

Barbie then told Bobi to excuse her for at times not giving him fish because she serves him what she thinks is sweet and fish is just not on her list.

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