VIDEO: Andrew Mwenda confirms being homo- to chew boy from City Square

For a long time, rumors have always flown around about how political analyst Andrew Mwenda is not straight.

He was one of those people who challenged the first Anti LGBTQ bill in 2013 and consequently it got nullified.

Again this time Mwenda said that the moment President Museveni signs the popular Anti Homosexuality bill, he will run to court and challenge it.

According to Mwenda, he doesn’t understand why people are so concerned with what two adults decide to do behind closed doors.

Well appearing in an interview, Mwenda could have just identified as a gay man.

On an interview with MP Medard Lubega Ssegona, Mwenda laughed at the MP’s submission of how young men have been getting sodomized and are on the verge of losing their intestines.

Hon Ssegona said that the reason Mwenda is laughing could be because he’s never been sodomized or because he’s the sodomizer.

Mwenda then promised the MP that he will go in town and get a handsome boy.

Then come in the middle of town and then smash with him.

He will then wait to see how Police comes to arrest him because of pleasing himself.

What do you think?

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