VIDEO: Ugandans punish a homosexual in Kasese before law is passed

It seems like Ugandans won’t wait for the Anti Homosexuality bill to be passed into a law by President Museveni before they can so the homosexuals get punishment.

They have already taken the law into their hands and started dishing out punishment to these gay fellas.

A video posted on social media has showed a man suspected to be gay being caned mercilessly.

This man was undressed and remained in only boxers.

They then held him tight on a pillar of a house and one man took to caning him mercilessly.

Meanwhile all this happened as the public cheered on and enjoyed the moment.

The man was beaten without a pinch of kindness and not even his pleas for mercy helped as he got punished for his sins.

It should be recalled that Parliament in Uganda recently passed the Anti Homosexuality bill.

This spells heavy punishments for anyone caught indulging in Homosexuality acts.

It’s only awaiting President Museveni’s signature to become a fully fledged law.

Meanwhile Uganda is currently facing heavy backlash from the west for such a law.

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