Close your legs and open brains – Jajja Ichuli attacks Nabagereka

Social media blogger Jajja Ichuli also known as Isma Olaxess has come out to attack the queen of Buganda Nabagereka Slyvia Najjinda.

Nabagereka last two weeks surprise Ugandans with her top secrets she had been hiding for the past ten years while in the palace.

Through the book she wrote, she said she gave birth to twins girls in 2010 and no one out of the palace knew about it

After the news made rounds, Buganda as a kingdom released a statement saying twins ain’t for Kabaka and they don’t know them in the palace. They said they didn’t do all the cultural things done to twins.

Now people are wondering who could be the father of Nabagereka’s twin daughters she welcomed in 2010.

Isma Olaxess has come out to attack her saying she needs to start closing her legs and open her minds because Bagandas eyes are all on her.

Isma said he is not going to talk much but Nabagereka knows what she did and keeping it as a secret was better because the trust in people is no longer with her until the father of the children is revealed.

“Ramathan Kareem….. Bambi Nabagereka…. close legs and open brains…. Good morning,”

It should be noted that the only child Baganda knew was Sarah Sangalyambogo who currently resides in the United Kingdom.

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