VIDEO: Famous TikTok Sammie Manini exposed as gay

The ‘rion’ famous Tiktoker Sammie Manini has been exposed as gay on social media.

This came following his comment he made about Bobi Wine’s eldse son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi who had commented about the Anti-homesexuality bill passed by Parliament.

Solomon commented telling MPS that homesexuality is not a problem. They should focus on schools and hospitals to make them better for Ugandans.

His comment left so many people and Sammie Manini was one of those that had a lot to talk about Solomon.

He went on his twitter and revealed that Solomon Kampala needs to be punished by his parents and his father should come out and comment about his statement.

Social media users didn’t take it for granted. They took the matters in their hands and dug deep into Sammie Manini’s past.

In 2014 the same bill of Anti-homesexuality was discussed and Sammie Manini was one of them tgar didn’t like it.

He made a documentary talking about how he is gay and how he wants the government to support the rights of gays in Uganda.

So many people didn’t know about it but after digging deeper, he was exposed and left speechless with nothing to say about Kampala Solomon.

Here is the video:

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