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List of men who have chewed Faridah Nakazibwe revealed

Comedian Bugingo Hannington has revealed the list of men who have chews NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe.

Bugingo Hannington and Faridah Nakazibwe started exposing themselves on Twitter yesterday. It all started with the rainbow photos Faridah took knowing they represent homesexuality.

Bugingo Hannington who has been vocal about homesexuality commented on them and questioned why she was posting such photos at the time when people are fighting homesexuality.

Faridah took it personal and started attacking Bugingo Hannington telling him how he is not funny despite doing comedy for so many years.

Bugingo Hannington also started from their and the two took twitter by fire by continuing to expose each others personal secrets.

Faridah said Bugingo Hannington was married by his wife because his height can’t marry anyone.

Bugingo Hannington also decided to list all the men that have chewed Faridah Nakazibwe saying why hasn’t she settled with anyone if she believes she is a good person like she potrays in public.

“Nze Nkya boobeza etooke Gyebampasa😂😂 Naye Gwe Maka Asatu gewakalemwa;

  1. Walemwa ewa’ Dan( Taata waba Tooto)
  2. walemwa ewa ssekadama ssali
  3. Ewa Hajji bakutwala kagudeyo nga mubi w’amabaati kuba wali towumuza machine …😂😂
  4. Ndeete, Ndeete…😂✌🏿❤️
    5.Kati kyova oyagala,” Bugingo Hannington.

It should be noted that Faridah Nakazibwe is a single mother of Twi daughters and a foster mother to Bruno K’s daughter Briella Kigundu m

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