If you’re not ready to have kids use protection – Doreen Kabareebe blasts Bruno K

Fashion model Doreen Kabareebe has blasted singer Bruno for fathering children and neglecting them.

Bruno K is a single father of one known child Briella Kigundu. Before the mother died, Bruno had ignored Briella but he later took on the responsibility as a father.

Now it is said that Bruno K has another child a baby boy who he has also ignored and failed to look after.

This child is known as Seth Kigundu and the mother is Vanessa who was once Bruno K’s girlfriend and later split up.

According to Doreen Kabareebe, she doesn’t see a reason why Bruno K would father children he is not capable of looking after yet he knows there is protection.

If he made a mistake on the first child, he would have learnt a lesson and failed to sire another child with a woman he is not willing to marry.

“Waiting for Jajja Iculi1 ‘s live and what he will say about his friend Bruno K’s issue.
He will be like “abawala mweteega ba celeb” but again bwooba toli ready for kids.Lwaki oba tokozesa protection🤷‍♀️,” Doreen Kabareebe said

It should be noted that Bruno K has now added on the list of womaniser celebrities who are not capable of looking after their children.

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