Has Isabella Tugume ripped Zambali Bulasio Mukasa’s marriage apart?

For long NBS TV presenters Zambali Bulasio Mukasa and Isabella Tugume have now been accused of having an affair.

This is because of the way they behave off the camera.

It’s like they are definitely in lone and there is something going on between them behind closed doors.

The duo even posted pictures of themselves with Zambali carrying Isabella.

They then said that they are happy and whoever is to die should do so.

This has seen social media users launch a campaign against Isabella Tugume for wrecking apart the marriage of Zambaali.

These wondered how the Barometer presenter’s wife might be feeling her husband flirt openly with Isabella.

However Zambaali came out to clarify on the matter.

He said that the photo that is being used showing him with a boy and a woman is defamation.

The woman in the picture is not his wife but rather his daughter and the boy is his son.

What do you think?

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