SAMUWAAKO: Chosen Blood runs to studio over chewing Winnie Nwagi

A few days ago singer Patrick Musasizi left netizens in shock after he released a phone call recording.

This was of a man threatening to harm his life over claims that the Sharpshooter singer has been enjoying Winnie Nwagi’s sumbie unlimited.

This man told the singer that he is Winnie Nwagi’s man and has invested a lot in her.

He plans of taking a further step in her life but he can’t as Chosen Blood is the obstacle.

The singer pleaded his innocence and said that he’s just friends with the singer.

Besides nothing happened between them asides their collabo, Yitayo.

Chosen Blood seems to be living in fear of his life since then and has taken to studio to clear the air.

The singer pointed out several musicians who have passed on mysteriously.

The phone call he received therefore still sounds in his ear and he’s decided to hit studio and use his voice.

“We’ve witnessed Ugandan artists passing on mysteriously, thinking of the recent phone call threats ,my voice is my weapon am in studio recording ‘SAMUWAAKO” muli bagamba yafiira bwerere,” the singer announced.

Meanwhile Winnie Nwagi is yet to comment on all this circus.

Some however think this is just a stunt.

What do you think?

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