Video: Kato Lubwama releases Chai We Njaaye remake

Man! Being Ugandan is a full time job because everyday is lived like a movie.

Comedian and failed politician Kato Lubwama is one of those people who make being Ugandan worth.

The Diamond Ensembles boss has never been serious and whatever he utters is always comical nonsense.

Kato Lubwama has now decided to release a remake of the viral Chai We Njaye song.

It should be recalled that the original song was done by Omutume Planet.

However according to Kato Lubwama, his version is better and more educative.

He said that the reason he decided to do this song is the rate at which Ugandans are becoming stupid.

According to him, even the people one should be running to are all becoming increasingly silly.

He therefore decided to look for something that unites Ugandans and there was nothing apart from weed.

Kato Lubwama meanwhile didn’t get permission to redo the song.

He argued that the word Enjaye doesn’t belong to Planet.

And he can go back and make other good songs.

Uncle Kato Lubwama meanwhile also said that he’s back in studio and is going to start doing Amapiano music.

He will make those who had done it before feel like they did nothing.

Apparently he has a new song coming out titled My Beauty, Uganda.

“This current generation is fond of disrespecting the elders. How do you go to a funeral and put ‘Enjaye’ in people’s tea? It shows the rate at which this generation is becoming stupid. Even the people we should be running to are also getting silly. I heard to come up with something therefore that they all resonate with and it’s enjoyed. I didn’t have to ask for permission from that boy to redo the song. He can go and make other songs because the word Enjaye doesn’t belong to him,” Kato Lubwama said.

What do you think?

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