Doreen Kabareebe to broke everyone that brings negative energy on her FB

Model Doreen Kabareebe is to block every person that brings negative energy on her social media platforms especially Facebook.

There has been so much trolling on social media especially Towards celebrities who try to speak their minds.

Doreen Kabareebe is one of the celebrities that is always on social media trying to interact with her fans..

When she commented about the current Miss Uganda 2023 Tumukunde Hannah Karema, people were not happy with her.

She said it has been long ever since Uganda had a beautiful girl as Miss Uganda and the current one has proven beautiful girls still exist.

According to Doreen Kabareebe, those that are bringing negative energy to her will get blocked because she has nothing to lose.

“I feel sorry for those abandetako negative energy.I just block you silently and no one even notices.Remember Facebook has over 2.96 billion monthly active users.

Nze nazalibwa nina entondo,thagala kundetako bujega.Wamma abanjagala nanye nimbakunda munonga…Nange NDI BULALA nga Landlord😆😆😆😆😆,”

What do you think?

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