MP Dickson Kateshumbwa Exposes NBS TV news anchor Samson Kasumba

NBS TV English news anchor Samson Kasumba is currently being roaster on Twitter after a recent revelation.

This revelation was made via Sheema Municipality MP Hon Dickson Kateshumbwa’s Twitter page.

Kasumba in his private messages starts by telling Kateshubwa how he’s serving this great nation.

He adds how he’s struggling to get out of renting a home at his old age.

The alleged messages from Kasumba add that he hopes to find money to paint his home so that he enters it by December (2022).

The messages were sent on Tuesday 1st November 2022 according to this dropped bomb.

Although Kasumba didn’t ask for money directly, it’s exactly what he wanted from the MP.

Kateshumbwa told him that he was out of the country.

He would however donate Shs 1m to him to help paint his house.

Meanwhile the Parliament Chief Communications Officer Chris Obore revealed that Kateshumbwa’s page has been hacked.

Therefore all information posted about it should be disregarded.

Meanwhile the said hacker confirmed so and added that they are going to hack more pages that belong to government officials so that they ex look expose them.

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