Here is the 31year Musoga man who died in pit latrine trying to save Itel smart phone

Police in Busoga East yesterday confirmed the death of 31-year-old, Idi Muyimba, a resident of Nsango village, in Bukatuube sub county, in Mayuge district.

This man suffocated in a pit latrine where he had dropped his phone accidentally.

Residents say that Muyimba’s itel smart phone slipped through the latrine pit and he resolved to manually extract it from the fecal depository.

However, eyewitnesses say, that they waited for Muyimba to come out of the pit latrine for close to one hour in vain, prompting them to dig up the lower walls, only to find his lifeless body floating in the wastes.

One of the eyewitnesses says that Muyimba alerted them about the incident and they stayed on watch as he stepped into the pit latrine.

Sources say that, they attempted to pull him out using ropes, but no success was registered, prompting them to dig up the whole pit latrine area, only to sight his lifeless body.

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