VIDEO: Serena Bata cries to Bobi Wine to help Sipapa get out of prison

Singer Serena Bata has cried out to National Unity Platform president and singer Bobi Wine to help ex Sipapa get out of prison.

Sipapa and Serena were together for like five years. By the time they started dating Bobi Wine was part of them.

When Bobi Wine joined active politics, he was no longer friends with Bobi Wine because the two of them were all supporting different parties.

Last year, Sipapa was arrested on allegations of thiefty alongside his wife Shammy and the two have been behind bars for long.

With no help from government, Serena Bata has now turned to Bobi Wine to help Sipapa get out of prison.

She said they may not be friends right now but they were once friends and they helped each other in those years.

Here is the video;

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