VIDEO: New TikTok war between Dr Cephco and Muna &Derrick

TikTok has become one of the most viral apps in the world and Uganda at large.

The platform has seen the rise of several Ugandans to celebrity status such as Alien Skin, Omutume Planet, Jose Chakala among others.

However in between has also the risen the nuisance and among these is Dr Cephco.

Cephco through his TikTok account has now launched a bitter war against fellow TikToker Muna & Derrick.

This is after Derrick’s ex girlfriend Muna joined the LGBTQ.

Derrick and Muna were so much in love during their kyeyo years in Dubai.

They rose to fame doing TikTok videos but however relocated to the UK.

On reaching there Muna quickly dumped Derrick for a fellow woman and they were pictured last year holding the LGBTQ sign.

Now Cephco has told Derrick to get Muna out of these acts and if he doesn’t want, she will tear through them apart.

Cephco went ahead to drop lots of insults towards Muna and Derrick.

He recalled how he was also insulted and trolled for his relationship with Nakankaka and told to get it off TikTok and social media a thing that he did.

Derrick therefore also ought to do the same or Cephco will take it upon himself to rip them out of the public eye.

What do you think?

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