VIDEO: 20year old Ugandan lady marries 90 years old mzungu for visa

There is a trending video on social media of a 20 years old girl marrying a 90 years ok’d mzungu just for visa.

It is very hard for someone like in Uganda to get a visa to the Western countries which are referred to as dream countries.

What people do is to try and marry anyone who has a citizenship of that country so that they can get access to the visas.

So many people go to the extreme of it by marrying older men who are even older than their parents.

This lady who is not yet identified married a 90 year old mzungu who was even using a walking stick.

People wonder if the relationship is real or of she is just targeting the visa and later move on to another relationship after settling in the United States of America.

Here is the video;

What do you think?

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