Video: Ghetto love vs Uptown love – Zari has Diamond and Shakib at once

Just work hard and get money, you will definitely have whatever you want in life and have ever dreamt of.

This is the kind of life socialite Zari Hassan lives in.

She can have both her exes and current in the same time frame and nobody will budge.

Well for her ex Diamond Platnumz, he can do anything with Zari in the name of co-parenting.

And a video that surfaced to the media this week shows Zari and Diamond all getting loved up like they never broke up at all.

Nobody knows where Shakib was or how he felt about the video but seems like he shares an emancipated relationship with Zari where nobody cares about what the other does as long as they always come back to each other.

Another video that has surfaced to the media has showed Shakib Lutaaya giving Zari the real ghetto love.

And it seems this is what keeps the boss lady around her boyfriend.

The two can be all getting lost in their love affair probably driving along one of the Ugandan roads.

Shakib can be seen eating the roasted meat sold on roads as Zari pleads to beg for some.

He pretends like he’s going to give her but instead just makes her smell it and doesn’t.

She goes ahead to plead to be given some but he resists.

After reading her for a while, he finally pulls out a huge ‘musito’ and gives it to her which makes her face beam with a huge smile.

What do you think?

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