VIDEO: Tamale Mirundi rips Kabaka Mutebi apart

Former presidential secretary Tamale Mirundi is currently facing severe backlash after his recent scornful remarks targeting the Buganda monarch Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

The motor mouthed Tamale Mirundi while appearing on Kasuku’s Animal Farm program laughed at the Kabaka’s health.

Mirundi pulled out a newspaper with the Kabaka’s face looking so sickly.

He laughed so hard and made fun of the picture and how Kabaka Mutebi looks.

Mirundi said the Kabaka who is traditionally referred to as Mpologoma is now looking like a rat.

Further Mirundi threw .ire derogatory remarks about Kabaka Mutebi and the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

Mirundi said that the Kabaka and Katikiro have the same woman they share.

Therefore Mayiga decided to malice the Kabaka by poisoning him on order to remain with with this woman.

However Kasuku on whose YouTube channel Mirundi aired his opinions was allegedly attacked and approached by many people.

These forced the media personality to apologize for Mirundi’s remarks.

Kasuku apologized for not stopping Mirundi when he started acting these opinions.

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