VIDEO: ‘Man of god’ Prophet Kakande pulls off mind-blowing miracle

Well well the miracles of these so called pastors will surely one day be the end of us.

No offense to their believers but these miracles make you feel like you’re in a theater sort of.

Among the performers of these mind blowing miracles is Synagogue Church of All Nations, lead pastor, Prophet Samuel Kakande.

He really deserves the voice over of Kasuku that says ‘naye banamwe’ used on him.

The self styled man of God has done all kinds of weird miracles at his church located at Ku Bbiri in Mulago.

He was at it once again this time round as he showed his attendants the power vested in him.

Three men stood up against him and said that they could run faster than him.

A finish line was put in place and these 3 plus Kakande went to a starting point.

Two of the men ran, one got stuck in place and Kakande didn’t even move a single bit.

The other two that ran collapsed before reaching the finish line.

Kakande just came walking and reached the finish line before anyone else.

Another man who said that he’s an apostle also stood up and claimed how he can run faster than Kakande.

No sooner had he said this than he collapsed.

He quickly rescinded his decision to compete against him.

What do you think?

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