Video: Bishop David Kiganda okays homosexuality in his church

Well religious leaders were thought to be the ones leading the charge against criminalizing same sex relationships in Uganda.

It however seems like Bishop David Kiganda is not about to be counted in this lot.

The Christianity Focus Centre Church lead pastor’s remarks shocked many in a recent video doing rounds on social media.

Kiganda seems to have set up terms and conditions for his flock in order to take a stand against homosexuality.

The pastor said that it all comes down to the money.

If his followers don’t want homosexuality in the country or church, they should then increase on their offertory.

They just can’t be there all yapping about how they want homosexuality to be banned yet they don’t offer anything.

This is because the work of Kiganda’s ‘God’ can’t be done without money.

It needs money and a lot of it to have it done.

This is the only way Kiganda and hopefully his fellow pastors will abolish homosexuality from church.

Well this implies that the flock now have to buy their pastors not to side with gays.

And from Kiganda’s remarks it seems like the LGBTQ’s have already infiltrated the church and are it’s biggest funders.

Therefore those against the vice have to outcompete them in offering money.

What do you think?

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