Jose Chakala reportedly wins fake international award

Famous Tiktoker Jose Chakala also known as Land Lodi has reportedly won a fake international awards.

Jose posted about winning an award in San Francisco USA cinematic vision awards of best African content creator.

People all over social media have been congratulating him saying he is making Uganda proud while others are now questioning the award.

According to some Ugandans, the awards are not even on Google and if it is true Jose Chakala won the award, he should share videos and photos of the event.

So mabny young people are hungry for fame and they can do anything to make it to the celebrity life.

Some share their private photos while others look for major lies to be famous.

However, it looks for Jose Chakala he has been caught in a lie and he hasn’t commented to say anything or clear the air.

“So this boy won an international award from U.S.A naye it looks like zino award ne ku google teziriko. Wabewo ampereza link ndabe ku list yabawanguzi😂even the event pictures😂”

What do you think?

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