VIDEO: Watch President Museveni hilariously diss Banyankole for speaking poor English

The president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has dissed his tribe mates Banyankole saying they speak poor English.

He made these comments while celebrating international women’s day with the women from the Western region of Uganda.

While addressing these women, President Museveni was speaking English but he later changed to his local language which is runyankole.

He told the women that he ha forgotten that English is a problem to Banyankole because they had told him that it disturbs them so much.

President Museveni said he will be mixing English with runyankole so people can get to understand him very well.

Here is the video;

It is not a rumor, but in reality Banyankole struggle with English because some words are hard for them to pronounce.

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