VIDEO: Kampala woman nabs hubby red-handed chewing housemaid

Man, you can’t put ‘muzigo’ near fire and expect it not to melt. This was the case for some married woman in Kampala.

This particular woman nabbed her hubby pants down chewing their housemaid.

What’s shocking is that these were in the house and bed that this man shares with his wife.

It seems like out of excitement they forgot to lock the door soon as they hit Namboole arena and started right away chewing themselves.

Seething with fury, the woman burst the door open and entered with her phone camera on.

She started recording and the man jumped out of bed with his long horse wife dangling around to plead.

The woman threatened to beat him and he hid behind the door.

Winnie the maid tried to cover herself besides asking for forgiveness.

The woman reiterated how she couldn’t and asked her severally whether this is what she brought her to do.

It’s not clear how this incident ended but best believe it was hoooottt.

And just like Shaggy sang, if you want to be a player, better know how to play.

Unfortunately we can’t upload the video here but below is the Twitter handle with this video;

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