Video: Watch Speaker Anita Among get romantic with hubby Hon Magogo in Parliament

Imagine being the boss of your partner or working in the same area, this means you can see each other and do whatever you wish whenever you want to.

This seems to be the case with the Speaker of Parliament Hon Anita Among and hubby Eng Moses Magogo.

Magogo took to the floor of Parliament to announce how a law that is going to benefit the sports sector has been enacted.

He then proceeded to thank every member in the house for their contributions towards this law.

However as the FUFA president exited the microphone, his wife the Speaker asked him why she had not thanked him.

Magogo came back and told her that he did appreciate her at the start of his speech.

She however wasn’t contented with how he thanked her and asked him to thank her again in a more sweet way.

Hon Among said this as all the other MPs laughed and cheered on.

A shy Magogo decided to walk away back to his seat.

It seems like the two can now freely express their love to each other after their critic Hon Persis Namuganza was censored.

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