Video: Lady impregnated by Dax Vibes attacks him on air for dumping her

Singer Dax Vibes was caught unaware after a lady claiming to have been impregnated by him called live on air with him in studios.

This was while he was attending the NTV DaBeat show.

A certain lady called Daggy Nyce and asked whether the singer is in studio.

She then wondered why he doesn’t pick up her calls.

The Firebase protégé wondered who he’s talking to and went ahead to say that he doesn’t know her.

This lady got surprised and told him that he’s silly to which the Mayumba Kkumi revealed that she could be a state agent.

Besides he added that there is no network where he lives.

It was then that she revealed how Bobi Wine’s younger brother ballooned her.

Dax Vibes claimed how this is impossible since he’s a virgin but he all looked scared.

And when the lady ended the call and Dax was told to proceed with the music interview, he all looked freaked out.

It was then that they told him how it was a prank that he got a huge sigh of relief.

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