AUDIO: Bobi Wine exposes the truth behind the torture of Eric Mwesigwa

National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has released the audio exposing how Eric Mwesigwa was tortured.

Eric Mwesigwa was kidnapped in January in a drone and he re-appeared to the scene in February.

On his appearance, he spoke to Bobi Wine and the media telling them the torturing he has been through for the several weeks he was missing.

He even became emotional as he cried in front of the camera because of the much pain he was in as a person and the wounds all over his body.

However things turned to the worst yesterday when Eric Mwesigwa re-appeared in the media contradicting himself saying National Unity Platform people are the ones that kidnapped him.

According to Eric Mwesigwa, he was promised millions of money but none was given to him even after torturing him.

With Bobi Wine disappointed, he decided to release an audio of how Eric Mwesigwa was kidnapped and in the audio it has nothing to do with National Unity Platform (NUP)

According to Bobi Wine, the devil has no friends and he hopes that all his people will learn a lesson from the Eric Mwesigwa saga.

“This is how Mwesigwa Eric was lured into the clutches of the devil. I hope this is a lesson to all comrades. The DEVIL has no friends!,” Bobi Wine

Here is the audio;

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