VIDEO: Tamale Mirundi’s daughter’s graduation speech leaves him in tears

When you see Tamale Mirundi speaking on different media stations, you might think that he’s a stony hearted man with no feelings.

But hey nope, he’s got feelings too and can actually cry.

This was evident at his daughter’s graduation.

This girl known as Bridget started her speech by proclaiming her love for her father.

She said that there is no person she loves on this earth as him.

And therefore she promises not to disappoint him.

She recalled when her daddy fell sick and it really took a toll on her mentally.

Bridget told her friends how she was opting to stay out of school for a year and resume when her dad was okay.

She even fasted for 3 days for her him to get fine and all the time rumors kept on circulating about how Tamale Mirundi had died.

However nonetheless, Bridget decided to study hard and passed exceptionally all in the body of making her dad happy.

In the meantime as she was making her speech, Mirundi kept on sobbing as the daughter’s speech melted his heart.

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