AUDIO: Grace Khan in trouble for failing to pay for daughter’s clothes

Singer Grace Khan is facing another trouble after failing to pay for her daughter’s clothes in one of the botiques.

Grace Khan has been in the music industry for some years now but at the same time she is one of the struggling artistes financially.

Even before being a single mother, she was said to be poor at paying debts and good at borrowing. It was all about her by then and at the moment it is about her daughter too.

In the audio making rounds on social media, Grace Khan is being accused of going to one of the botiques in Masaka and requesting for good attires for her daughter. She promised that she will pay afterwards but she didn’t pay.

In the audio, Grace Khan is heard requesting saying she is at a certain event performing but she will be paid later and that’s when she will clear the debt.

According to the owner of the botique, Grace Khan didn’t return to pay and she even stopped replying to watsap messages.

She just blue ticks her forgetting that they recorded her when she was borrowing and they have all the proof to hold her accountable for the debt.

Here is the audio;

It should be noted that Grace Khan complained about the father of her child who has never helped her in anything concerning fiances of their daughter.

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