MUBS Professor suggests hilarious way to fight homosexuality

Prof J. W Barnabas from MUBS campus in Nakawa has brilliantly suggested a great move of fighting the growing vice if homosexuality in the country.

A screenshot that has since gone viral on social media says that this Professor suggested the ban on single sex hostels.

According to him, beginning with next semester a boy should always share a hostel room with a girl and not students of the same sex sharing the same room.

This will help to fight sodomy and it should start as soon as next semester according to Professor Barnabas.

“In a bid to capture homosexuality in the country, MUBS Prof. J. W Barnabas says sharing hostel rooms among people of the same sex will not be allowed come next semester. Come next semester, a boy should not share a room with a girl, ” the screenshot reads.

Homosexuality is proving to be a big problem especially in single sex schools.

There have been plans to have these schools revamped and single sex schools done away with.

What do you think?

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