VIDEO: Hard task- teacher struggles to educate learners

Teaching might be the hardest profession there is on this earth.

Imagine imparting skills in different learners who have different levels of understanding and reasoning.

That’s why teaching really needs a lot of patience otherwise one might end up harming the learners.

A video has now surfaced showing a teacher having a hard time teaching learners.

She can be heard giving an answer to these learners.

After this she then asks them a question.

Instead of giving her the answer she gave them, these also repeat the question to her.

Despite several attempts at solving this simple problem, the learners still fail to grasp what she’s asking.

This video has left many social media users bursting in laughter.

They however hailed the patience of this teacher because they know what would have happened to them had it been in them in those gone days.

What do you think?

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