VIDEO: Go back to your boyfriend- Guy tells chic after dancing her

Girls have really suffered a lot especially due to the possession of the lost city between their legs that men love adventuring into.

And social media has helped to highlight such incidents.

Whereas women also have their own ways they hurt men, men also have theirs and it really hurts.

Imagine someone chewing your goodies for free and after they tell you how it’s just what they wanted.

This is exactly what this viral video on social media has.

A dude can be heard telling a girl lying down nekkid how he’s done with her.

He said that a one Derrick bonked her and he’s also now chewed her.

That’s all just they wanted and she’s therefore their basin which they can swim in whenever they want.

This clearly heartbroken girl can be seen sobbing and the dude goes ahead to tell her not to cry as such things do happen constantly.

She can therefore go back to her boyfriend because neither him nor Derrick wants her.

What do you think?

Written by Staff

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